1998 STITCH-OFF - People's Choice Award

1998 STITCH-OFF - Jacket-Back Category - First Place

1998 IMPRESSIONS AWARDS - Outstanding Design/Embroidery Award

"Living Legends"

The 20th Annual Impressions Awards

Outstanding Design / Embroidery Winner

"Living Legends"

Impressions Magazine

December 1998 - page 45

See the new standards of excellence in screen-printing, embroidery, transfers, and other imprinted sportswear categories set by the winners of the 1998 edition of the biggest and most prestigious competition in the industry.

"Living Legends"

Artworx International, Inc. Germantown, Md.

(180,000 stitches, 14 colors of thread,

2 leather, and 1 twill applique)


1998 Stitch-Off

First Place Jacket-Back and

People's Choice Award Winner

"Living Legends"

Stitches Magazine - June 1998 - page 82

1998 Stitch-Off Winners achieve new levels of creativity.

"Living Legends" - Klebber Mattos, Artworx International, Inc., Rockville, Md. Catagory sponcored by Madeira USA Ltd.,

In his teens, Klebber Mattos used to do portraits with color pencils. "It was sort of a hobby for me," he recalls. "Many years later, after I had become a professional graphic artist, fallen in love with the whole embroidery industry, and gotten into digitizing, I decided to pick up the portraiture again, but now to do it in threads."

Mattos was inspired by the challenges the project would bring. Others would have been daunted by the sheer range of the challenges. First came the copyright issue. He consulted with a patent attorney and learned that he was fine as long as he didn't copy anybody else's work, but rather presented his own artistic version of three public figures incorporated in a background design.

His next challenge was to come up with the right image, one where Sean Connery, Clint Eastwood and Harrison Ford looked as if they had all appeared in the same movie. Plenty of photos, one might think; after all, the three "Living Legends" are among the most memorable of all action movie actors. But the problem, explains Mattos, lay in finding photos where the three are of the same size, color, tone and shading; held their heads at the same angle; and are illuminated by the same kind of lighting coming from the same direction. "I spent 12 hours or more looking for the right photos," Mattos recalls. "I bought a lot of books and looked at a lot of movie posters and video jackets."

Then he began searching for the right materials. Eunice Robertson and Barbara Weinstein helped with that," Mattos says. The search yielded a Luna Pier leather jacket and other genetic leathers and twills.

The fourth challenge was technical. "Because of the limited sewing area on the machine and hoop size, I had to run the design in two parts, re-hooping and registering the two halves. That was definitely a challenge!"

The final design has 150,000 stitches and took approximately 50 hours. Other specifics are: A combination of Robinson-Anton and Madeira threads were used; Embroidery Expert by Textile Technology was the digitizing system and Tajima machinery was used.


1998 Stitch-Off

First Place Jacket-Back and

People's Choice Award Winner

"Living Legends"

Stitches Magazine - July 1998 - page 112

In addition to winning a stitch-pro '98 digitizing system from Data-Stitch, Inc., Aledo, Texas, the People's Choice Winner Klebber Mattos, Artworx International, Inc., also received two days training at the Pasadena, Md. office. Photo (above) courtesy of Data-Stitch and (below) Dave Neligh, Denver.

A little imagination can go a long way in the field of embroidery. Klebber Mattos, the firs place winner in the jacket back category and the People's Choice winner for this year's Stitch-Off competition, is the recipient of a Stitch-Pro '98 digitizing system, courtesy of Data-Stitch, Inc., Aledo, Texas. Mattos also received a gift certificate for $500 in supplies from Madeira USA Ltd., Laconia, N.H., the sponsor of the jacket back category.

"Living Legends", as his entry is called, is the jacket back image of movie legends Sean Connery, Clint Eastwood and Harrison Ford. "I spent 12 hours or more looking for the right photos", recalls Mattos, Artworx International, Rockville, MD. I bought a lot of books and looked at a lot of movie posters and video jackets."

The final outcome? Over 50 hours of work and an award-winning 150,000-stitch design, which isn't bad for a first time ever entry into an embroidery contest.


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